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Sisterhood Sleepovers

THE oG slumber party IS GETTING A soul-filling makeover

Are you craving deeper connections with other women?

  • Small talk and surface-level connections aren’t cutting it anymore; you feel fulfilled in so many areas of your life, but like you’re missing out when it comes to the depth of female friendships you crave

  • You’ve been investing in your own growth for a while now, and you’re desiring a community of women who are on the same path to support you in stepping into your next-level

  • You are noticing that friendships of the past are starting to fizzle out (or no longer in alignment), and you’re like “How do I navigate that... and how the F do I make friends as an adult?

  • You’ve experienced the common pitfalls of female friendships (comparison, jealousy, judgment, fear, people pleasing), and you are ready to free yourself from those blocks so you can have the safe, unconditionally loving sisterhood you deserve

  • You’re eager to find “your people,” the ones that really see you, that love and embrace you for your authentic, beautifully imperfect self; no performing or perfectionism necessary.
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You long for the times when making friends felt so easy, when Friday nights meant cozying up in a friend’s basement with unlimited snacks and belly laughs into the wee hours.

(and for those girlies who didn’t get to create memories like this, don’t fret-- it’s never too late. We’re waiting for you!)

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It’s time for a new kind of women’s retreat. One that blends the nostalgia (and fun) of a good ol’ fashioned slumber party with the depth and expansiveness of personal growth work.

(picture a big-ass breakthrough + heart-filling, teary-eyed hug in one moment followed by a fit of giggles and a spontaneous dance party the next)


sisterhood sleepovers

Pink Sleep Mask

A curated weekend retreat in Southern California where you get to relive the magic of your slumber party days* while sinking deep into sisterhood with guided connection games & transformational teachings

July 12-14, 2024

a luxurious, cozy getaway in North County, San Diego

*your coziest pajamas required

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We believe true sisterhood is the key ingredient to a rich, fulfilling life

Sisterhood deepens


Imagine having a magic mirror that could remind you of your worthiness and gifts every time you tipped into self-doubt. Sisterhood is that mirror. When you have loving, honest sisters, your radiance is always reflected back to you.

Sisterhood amplifies

personal growth

Steeping yourself in communities of women who are committed to their own growth is the fast-track to your own breakthroughs. Anything is possible when you surround yourself with women who inspire you and hold you to be your best.



all relationships

When your sisterhood connection cup is full, that goodness overflows into all your relationships. Enter: the most confident version of you who can show up in your feminine power, express what you need, and set those healthy boundaries that make all your relationships thrive.

The bottom line: sisterhood is medicine

what’s included

Your Sisterhood Sleepover retreat ticket includes:

  • An all-inclusive two-night stay (Friday-Sunday) in a luxurious getaway in Southern California, complete with a pool, hot tub, and plenty of comfy space to re-charge your batteries

  • A phone-free, alcohol-free weekend where you actually don't have to know the plan-- you get to SURRENDER all responsibility and let us take care of everything!

  • A pre-retreat connection call to meet the other sisters and answer all your questions

  • A post-retreat digestion call to support you in integrating these new tools and practices into your life

  • Tools for developing deeper, more nourishing connections in all areas of your life (love, friendships, work, family)

  • All of your nourishing meals, including the yummiest snacks and sweet treats

  • Heart-filling giggles and deep conversations

  • Your new community of soul-sisters to share and enjoy the growth journey

  • THE BEST SURPRISES (c'mon...we can't give it all away right now!)
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investment: $1888

Count me in!



your hosts

We’re Paige & Evin, your Sisterhood Sleepover hosts! We are best friends who found each other in our 30s (yes, it’s possible!), and have 12+ years of combined experience as coaches supporting women through all the life stages: from dating and relationships to breakups and endings and, of course, creating deep lifelong sisterhood with other women.

We believe every woman deserves the level of love and connection that we have fostered in our friendship. We truly credit the support of our own sisterhood community for the romantic relationships, businesses, and desire-led lives we have today.

While we love doing the deep, healing, inner work, we also LOVE to play. We’ve been dreaming up the idea for Sisterhood Sleepovers since the pandemic, and we’re overjoyed to bring this vision to life!

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to bring more play and fun into the deep work, and to cultivate expansive, soul-filling sisterhood together.

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“This sisterhood retreat gave me so much more

than I could have imagined.

Witnessing Evin and Paige’s relationship, and learning the tools they use for communicating and cultivating such deep sisterhood was incredibly profound for me.

I had been struggling with a friendship that has changed dramatically over the last 6 months, and realized I wasn’t speaking up out of fear of rocking the boat. I left the retreat excited and confident to share with my friend in a way that she could receive.

She met me in that conversation so beautifully, provided reassurance,

shared vulnerably about what’s been going on with her, and we set a standing date to share more deeply and get reconnected. I was blown away!

if you’re ready for a weekend of...

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👯 Heart-filling, soul-nourishing, deep connection with other women on the growth path

💓 Self-love, healing, and empowering exercises in the safety of our loving community

👧🏻 Space to set your inner little girl free! Because PLAY is healing, too ;)

🧘🏽‍♀ Hitting PAUSE on the hustle of life, totally unplugging and letting yourself be held for a cozy, restorative weekend

🍿 Old school slumber party fun, cozy PJ time, giggly games, surprises, and new BFFs

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...then you’re invited to join us at

The Sisterhood Sleepover!

investment: $1888

Count me in!

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Don’t take our word for it...

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Where is the retreat?

We will be snuggling up in a stunning mansion in Escondido, California, complete with a pool, hot tub, fire pit, and lots of delicious meals and snacks to keep you nourished throughout the weekend. If you’re flying in, San Diego is the closest airport.

What’s included?

Your entire stay (Friday 4pm- Sunday 10am) is included in the retreat price, including meals, snacks, room & board, and some extra surprises. You also receive two group calls with your retreat ticket: one meet-and-greet before the weekend, and one digestion call after the weekend to make sure you have enough support to integrate these sisterhood practices into your life.

What’s not included?

Travel to and from the retreat house. If needed, we can support you in finding a rideshare with other sisters who are traveling in.

What if I don’t know anybody?

We love that for all of us! The exercises and teachings throughout the weekend are designed to foster deep connection, so don’t be surprised if you leave feeling more bonded to your retreat sisters/new besties than to some friends you’ve known for years.

what should i bring?

We’ll send you a handy packing list closer to the date of the retreat. Until then, all you have to do is mark your calendar and get excited!

what is the sleeping situation?

Don’t worry...nobody is sleeping on the floor at this slumber party; you can leave your sleeping bag at home. You will have the option to choose between a spot in a shared queen/king bed or an individual single pull-out bed. Sleeping preferences will be taken into consideration based on order of enrollment, but aren’t guaranteed.

i want to join but... i’m nervous!

First of all, we adore all of your feelings :) And your nerves are so welcome here!

Nerves are a beautiful indicator that you are stretching your comfort zone, and that’s exactly where the magic happens. Most women will come in a little nervous, but we promise that you’ll feel connected and at ease before you even unpack your bags!

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“I felt renewed and nourished after connecting so openly and authentically with other women.

It’s a rare and special thing to get to really lean in to sisterhood, and I can’t recommend this experience enough!”


Psst...can’t make these dates?

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We can’t wait to welcome you into our cozy & connected slumber party weekend!

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